Swatch – Magnetic Thermal Waste Disposal Systems

SWATCH-Magnetic Thermal Waste Disposal Systems


Innovative Environmental Solutions, Bangalore! Introduces, a new innovative product called “SWATCH” to destruct any organic rejected waste collected at source without using any power/fuel for continuous destruction. This revolutionary product works on the principle of low-temperature pyrolysis process at a temp of 350 to 400 deg which is driven by magnet-based technology. Swatch can be used for destruction of non-segregated reject waste, domestic waste, specific industrial waste including plastic bags, waste tires, vegetable wastes, cardboards, garden leaves, oil-choked cotton. It has a capacity to reduce the output of destructed waste in the ratio of 1/100 times. SWATCH system is a solution for decentralized processing of MSW after recovering a certain amount of recyclables. Swatch systems are available in a capacity from 50KG/day to 2 tonnes/day which is more suitable for small and medium scale waste generators like Apartments, Commercial Complexes, Corporate, Cinema houses, Gated communities, Wards in Municipalities etc

Features of SWATCH – Magnetic Thermal Waste Disposal Systems

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