Integrated Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System

Inenviro’s unique Integrated Air Quality Monitoring System is designed to monitor and measure the real-time significant air quality parameters of particulate matter which helps the people and Industry to understand the quality of air in a better way.
IAQMS is designed and developed with a focus on handling multiple parameters and continuous measurement of the mass concentration of particulate matter, gaseous pollutants and Meteorological general parameters which are integrated into a single system with high accuracy inbuilt data logging, monitoring, and storage facility.

These are Some parameters which can be measured.


  • SPM(Suspended Particulate Matter)
  • Respirable Particulate Matter PM10
  • Respirable Particulate Matter PM2.5
  • Gaseous pollutant parameters like – Ammonia, Arsenic, Benzene, Nickel, Lead, Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide and ozone
  • Meteorological parameters – Wind speed, Wind direction, Temperature and % relative humidity, Filter probe temp with Latitude longitude of the device being monitored

Main Features Of IAQMS:


  • Integrated to Measure & Monitor 10-15 parameters continuously in one system related to quality of Ambient Air & Metrological parameters
  • Multiple features at affordable price
  • Measures, Monitors, and Logs the real-time data
  • Compact in Size & reduction in weight makes easy to handle
  • Deployment and Relocations are easy
  • Quick and easy to install, Plug and Play to start monitoring
  • Robust and Modular Design with ease of maintenance & Repairs
  • Gaseous Parameters are optional